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- Conor Dubin, Author -

"I believe the world has changed so much since I grew up but children's books, specifically those with a relationship narrative, have not caught up. I wrote this book series to give parents a tool to begin the conversation with their children about choosing healthy partnerships. These books are designed to show children that with each new challenge and accomplishment any relationship experiences, first mates grow together. One of the most rewarding moments in a relationship is not the forward looking promise of '…and they lived happily ever after' as the princess stories would have children believe, but the glance to our past when we realize we have been supported through our best and worst by someone all along. These books examine the notions of what it means to commit to your dreams in the face of fear, to find empathy within self and for eachother and ultimately live in a place of gratitude. So many parents I speak with dream that their children will grow up to be successful while the definition of success changes with each new generation. By far the largest impact on any person’s success, health and well being in life has always been determined by their relationships, friendships and partnerships. Relationship education is one of the most important keys to a happy and healthy life."

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